History of Networking Coffee Events

The History of Networking Coffee Events – Mr. M. Kameron Hawkins founded Networking Coffee Events in his senior year at Tempe High School. It was an enjoyable way to meet other business professionals and to gain more insight about business overall in his home town, Tempe, AZ.

It 1981 Mr. M. Kameron Hawkins “Kameron” was a senior at Tempe High School. His high school didn’t have any after school business development classes, workshops or professional organizations he could attend. But, Scottsdale High School did… Junior Achievement. Back then Junior Achievement was only at the High Schools level.

Mr. Hawkins “Kameron” showed up for a first meeting and within that meeting he became the President of a new group of local students not from his area, and they all did very well. The group held weekly meetings and developed a product to sell and became well-known throughout the State of Arizona. Kameron was asked to attend local, statewide and was on a panel for a western states leadership forum.

The Leadership Forum attendees enjoyed Kameron’s simplicity in Lead Generation and Contact Management and overall Business Relationship retention.